What is Google Adsense and how does it work ?

If you want to know what is Adsense and how does it work, You are at right place.

Let me explain this in very easy way. Back in early 90s when internet was evolving and Google was Just a Search Engine to provide internet users an easy way to organize websites and information. It was like a Library and there was a Librarian - Google. The Librarian Started organizing different Books (websites) according to their Subjects (Niche) and had put them in Different Desks so that anyone who is looking for information can find right one in easy way.  Books(Website) have Chapters (Topics) and Chapters have Content. 
If someone will approach Google -the Librarian to get suggestion for Best History Book on XYZ (Like you search now a days in google Bar), Google will show Particular Rack and Books in series. 
Soon People started creating More Websites in different Niche and There were lot of information information available on Internet. 
So google Started ranking websites (Books) according to the Title, Index and somewhat upto the content. 
As the internet progress towards more complexity and information, google Started Ranking websites Based on Content and What other websites (Books) are talking about other Book (Backlinks). 

In this mean time there were Business who were looking to Advertise their Product to these internet users who were reading websites referred by Google. 
Google came with a New way of Advertising - AdSense or Google Ads. 

Google started offering contextual Advertising to the website Readers and in exchange shared revenue with website Publishers that was earned from the Advertisers. 

Simple Google AdSense is an ecosystem of Advertisers(Business), Publishers (Websites) and Users. Google achieve this by correlating User search queries with Ads.  

If you are searching for 'Best Car in 2018' on Google Search and next if you move to a website that is related to pet care, You will probably see Car Ads on that website. 

There is a platform provided by Google as AdWords that provide opportunity to Advertisers to Search Number of available queries and How much is Click Per Cost (CPC) they have to pay to get visitors.  Advertiser then place their Ads on Google Adword with desired CPC and budget. Google serve these Ads on relevant websites and to the relevant audience 

How googles Adsense works ?

Google Adsense simply work with Advertiser and Publisher to serve relevant Ads  to the audience. Suppose you want to buy a Car and search on Google about different Cars, google will get information that you are searching for Car. When you visit any website that have Google Ads, you will see Offers related to Cars and if you click on that Advertisement, it will lead you to the Car related offer Page. 

Suppose You bought the Car from that website so Advertiser will revenue from you. 

This is very important thing to Learn about Google Adsense. Some people thinks that Google will Pay you if you create a website and place Ads on that. But it is not the entire story to work with Google Adsense. 
It is the ecosystem and you have to learn about it before working with it. If you start with Half baked information, You will get frustration and failures soon. 

A website is properly structured Web Property that consist Information that can - 
1. Satisfy Audience Query 
2. Resolve Problem of Audience seeking 
3. Provide information about something that is useful 

Real People like you who will read, observe the content of that website. These people are here to find some information or to get their issue resolved. Audience should be interested in your website content but should not be driven to the website forcefully or in Fake way. 

When you have ample audience to read the website content, You can offer them Advertisement served by Google Ads. Always take care that Audience are not at your website to see the Ads, they are there to get the information or something which encourage them to visit your website/content .When you create website Just take care that it should not be primarily intended for Ads. 
Hope this will help you to understand that What is AdSense ?
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