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are you looking to create your own Online Store where you can sell physical, Digital Products, or Sell courses? well, this is the best time to jump into this business. 
usually, there are plenty of options available in the market like Shopify, Udemy and Amazon to sell these stuff but Real we have 3 problems- 

1. Monthly Charges or Fee you have to pay 
2. There is no Traffic System or affiliate system to scale that 
3. You do not have Ready to Sell products. 

Well, until now there was a huge gap in the market about this But here we are going to Provide you total Solutions to All these Problems. 
If you follow this strategy, You are going to start your own Digital Store and we are going to teach you how to get an insane amount of traffic. 
Not only that, but we are also going to give you a lot of Products as Bonus that you can start selling instantly. 

STEP 1: Build Your Own Online Store to Sell Physical or Digital Products

To start selling products, you need to have your own Digital Store that can Display Products with automatic Funnels, and also you can add your Own Payment method. You can use this Store in many Languages. the best thing is that there is no more monthly Fee you have to pay for this. 
Here is a detailed Demo of the Fastest Online Store Builder - 

You can build an online Store Like this instantly 

ShopZPresso has an inbuilt Affiliate system to Promote your Product. That means you can hire affiliates to sell your Product on a % basis but let us take it to a new level.  If you want to sell your Products Online with Free Traffic, Facebook & Linkedin Groups are the best option. Apart from that, we are giving Secret traffic Sources a bonus.

If you decide to build your own Online Store with ShopZPresso, we are giving away these products as Bonuses. Just Add them and Start Selling!  
Also, we are giving away these Special Bonuses that you can use to Boost your eCom Business instantly. 

Bonus#1 Zoom Niches 

Learn how to find hot niches to build your eCom business in, picking the wrong niche will kill the business before it even starts.

Bonus#2 Telegram Sales Blueprint 

Telegram has over 200 million users with many of them coming from the top buy countries in the world (USA, UK, Spain, Canada, Germany and the rest of EU) and it has over 15 billion messages sent daily but do you know know how to sell eCom products on Telegram and open your eCommerce business to an untapped market of 200 million people? This training will show you how to tap into Telegram traffic and crush it.

Bonus#3 FB Outreach Blueprint 

Getting organic traffic is becoming unbelievably hard, Facebook is doing everything possible to kill organic reach so you can pay them for ads but there are still some last standing loopholes that open up the tsunami of FB traffic. Inside this blueprint, you'll discover the recent strategies that underground marketers are using to go viral and get massive traffic on Facebook. Dropshipping 101 Video Upgrade-The The easiest way to profit with Dropshipping even FASTER!

Bonus#4 Shopify Course Worth: $297

This is a Special course about how to get started with your own Online Shop. You can use it to start with ShopZPresso easily. 

Bonus#5 Authority Traffic Masters 

This 10-part, step-by-step video course will show you the tools and techniques to finally succeed and get results! We covered all major traffic systems from SEO to Youtube to Google Ads to Facebook ads and all the major traffic sources you can leverage to grow your business. 

Bonus#6 WP Load Booster (PLR) 

If you are an affiliate marketer, blogger, or online business owner, ranking your website to the top of Google has always been the dream of many. The thing is that many SEO are trying their best to make websites rank to Google and other big search engines.

The good news is that building links is not only the factor to rank your website. Making your website load faster is also a huge factor to make your website ranks well. Inside this product is a software that you give you the solution to make your website load faster in just a matter of minutes of doing the process.

Bonus#7 Resellers Rights to Upto 100 Ready-Made Niche Blogs

100 ready-made blogs, packed with all the content you’ll need to attract FREE search engine traffic, backlinks, visitors, and buyers…

Bonus#8 Customer List Builder Software

A simple 'set and go' system links directly with the popular Paypal payment service, automatically adding your customer details as soon as they pay.

Bonus#9 Social Trend Spy:  (With Agency Rights)

It's a WP plugin that allows you to spy on profitable, trending FB Ads & viral campaigns in any niche! 

Bonus#10 Soci Contest Builder Whitelabel

A powerful tool for getting massive amounts of viral and social traffic with the contest. 


Bonus#11 Viral Discount Engine Whitelabel

A powerful tool to close more sales using viral discounts

Bonus#12 WP Polling Plus Whitelabel

Spy on your visitors' minds by adding simple and powerful polls inside of WordPress.

Bonus#13 WP Health Checker Whitelabel

WP Health Checker plugin will perform a number of checks on your WordPress install to detect common configuration errors and known issues.


Bonus#14 Viral Discount Engine Whitelabel

A powerful tool to close more sales using viral discounts


Bonus#15 How to create a six-figure membership

Membership sites are the best way to make monthly or yearly recurring income just like make salaries.  but with membership sites, we make salaries without a day job.

This will show you how you can build your first six-figure membership site. 


Bonus#16 100 products with resell rights

You are going to have 100 products with resell rights and giveaway rights.  which means you can either sell them or resell them and make money.

Bonus#17 Amazone Auto Search Plugin

Never lose a customer again! Automatic insertion into WooCommerce & Wordpress Search when Searched Content / Products are not found! No hassle, no coding, no amazon AWS keys! works with Amazon’s Major Affiliate Programs! United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, India and Japan. It also comes with Geo-Targeting! This Feature automatically detects your client’s location (country) and only loads Amazon Products from the closest Amazon Website. Ex: You have a Client from Canada that Searches for “Samsung” on your Website. When he clicks on any Amazon Product, he will be redirected to Setup the default Search Category on each Amazon Affiliate Program.

Bonus#18 Automatic Legal Page Creator

Worried about legal compliance of your website? With WP Auto Compliance plugin, you will create three of the most important legal pages your WordPress website needs using a simple wizard, such as a Privacy Policy, a Terms & Conditions agreement or a Cookies Policy in just one click You can also create your own legal pages and manage them through WP AutoTerms.

Bonus#19 Auto Reach Profit Plugin

Turn every Facebook post into your automatic list building machine. This software is responsible for thousands of leads per year from Facebook to my list easily and legally

This software uses facebook's native API and turns every post into your automatic list building machine. Because it's using facebook's native API, Facebook loves to send your leads and builds your list completely automatically.

Bonus#20 Case study -2.9M free visitor from other’s content

Case Study shows how you can spend 15 minutes of your time for a copy-pasting job using your computer then you can create super cash magnets that will pull free, buyer traffic as much as 2.9M targeted traffic in just 2 months.

Bonus#21 Unique Content generator software

Simply create an account to be able to create unique content.  95% of the time these contents are 100% unique and of the highest quality.


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