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Today we are going to Reveal You a Secret Method to Make Money with Reverse Launch Jacking Method. 
You can use this method to Promote Different Offers at JVzoo and Warrior Plus and it is so powerful that really work very well to make $100-$300 per Launch easily. 
and Best Proof is that Eric is doing that Every Day.
Let us Jump to the Methods Directly- 

Selecting a Product to Promote

let us take example of w+ .
For Doing this, You have to Go to product insight and look for commission provided by them and then the Funnel Structure. Normally Product should be having more than 1000+ Sales and Good Conversion. After that Just look for the commission structure.  Note Down 5-10 Big Launches Names. 

Free Buyer List Method1
To do this, You have to Go to Facebook and Search Certain Groups that are having buyers of these Products. Just request to Join these Groups and wait for the Approval. Usually You will get Approval to Join these groups easily. Also might be you are already in some of the Product Groups. 
You can use your original Facebook Profile or Create a New one to Do this. Now Start sending friend Request to Group Members. 
Daily if you send 30-40 Requests it is good. Do not try to over do it else facebook will block you to send friend requests. Make Sure to have your Good Facebook Profile with Nice Credentials.  as You will start having 500+ friends from these groups. 
Now Start Posting engaging Content on Your wall every Week Like some Quiz that is asking Questions and your friends have to comment on that while having fun.



Just post Your friends - How many Lines do you have? You can use Quizzes like this too 
You can find these types of Quizzes by searching on Google. Just I found some-

The purpose of these Quizzes is to start engaging with your new friends and by doing this Facebook start showing your post on the Top of their Feeds.
Keep doing it frequently and Keep growing your Friends from these Product Groups. 

After some days, Your Profile will be more engaging and you will have lots of Friends who always have attention on your Posts. 

Now its time to monetize them and Build your list. 
To do this Go to warrior Plus and search for Products that are offering 100% commission and having Good Sales Copy but is not a big Launch. Also look for the conversion. Choose a Product that is converting above 8%. Grab the Affiliate Link and Post on your Facebook Wall. It depends on the Product that how you will frame your post. For example if You are going to promote a List Building Product that is teaching how to build 500 buyers list every day for Free, Find a really engaging image about List building and post with a Pitch like- 

😍 Want to know how to Build 500+ Buyers list Every Day
This Method will Teach You a real way to build your list fast and 
you do not need..... etc..etc.. 

in the end of the pitch, just ask to COMMENT a word to send that method 
for example- 
If you want to Learn this Method Fast, comment "List" and I will send you details ASAP. 

You will see lots of comments in few hours at your post, just start sending them personal message with that offer URL or to a bridge page. 
Usually an engaging post get 100-200 comments easily and then they will visit the offer page. 

Suppose in a day , if you are sending 100 People to that offer and with the conversion rate of 8% , it will give you approx 5-8 Sales or more. 

Now, Let us look on money part- 
If Product Price is $9 and you made 8 Sales = $72 without doing anything ! 
Normally a Good post with 200+ comments Yields $300-$400 per campaigns. 

This method is shared by Eric Hammer who is doing it from last 1 year and he is having many other methods that are churning him Good Affiliate Commission with easy Work. 
If you are interested to Learn , He is sharing them with a Training Program. He is teaching that How you can build actual buyers List in Advance training and How to Create Bonus too. 

To Learn More Tricks, You can Get Eric's Detailed Training here-

Inside you will see lots of Such Tricks that he is using without much efforts. 

Hope this will help you to start your affiliate marketing in speedy way. 
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