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Hi There,

AdSense is So far a long term business and if you want to get motivated, here it is -

This is just one of the Account. 

If you are looking to Start Your AdSense Business or want to expand it, The Key is - 

1. Increase Number of Websites 
AdSense Allow to have 500 websites in a Single Account and it is best to Use multiple AdSense Accounts with different websites(Read How to operate multiple AdSense Accounts Section). We usually host maximum  50-60 Blogs per AdSense Account. This make sure that in case if one account get disabled, others will work. 

2. Increase Traffic to Websites
If you want to multiply Income, You have to increase traffic on your websites but issue is that websites that have limited hosting capabilities use to fail at high traffic. (One of our website is getting 1 Million visitors every month)

3. Increase CTR 
If you work on Ads optimization, you can double your AdSense Income but CTR optimization is having limit. I mean you can get maximum 5%-7% CTR be in the Safe side. 

We had tried and optimized above all stuffs and so far found 1. as best possible to work.

Now Lets look for another Solution- 

1. Create a Profitable Niche website and Drive traffic to it, Automate it 

2. Duplicate your strategy by creating multiple Niche Blogs and your AdSense Income will also increase in same fold

Suppose if you have a Blog and You manage to get traffic to it and this Blog is giving you a daily Profit of $2-$3 
what if you can multiple these types of Blogs in different Niches ? 

100 websites X $3 = $300 per day = $9000 per month in Pure Profit ! 

yes, the secret is building Army of Niche websites but not focusing on single websites. 

Here is a DFY 120+ Blogs that you can use to replicate this Method. Best thing is that its having well researched 120+ Profitable Niches and You can get Content Spinner with Upgraded Version. 

Worrying about Hosting? 

All Blogs are hosted on Cloud with Lightening Speed and you just need to click and deploy them. 

Lets See Steps to Deploy them- 

1. Select Niche Template 


 Your Template will be Ready 


Select the Template You like and You Niche Blog will be ready to Deploy with Domain. 

That's It! 

It is easiest way to get Multiple Profitable Niche websites Fast. 

Initial Offer is for 50 websites but We recommend to Go for a Pro Upgrade as it also have 120+ Niche Websites and Option to Spin the Content with the Software provided with this upgrade. I don't think spending $50-$100 for 100 of websites is a bad investment. 

No need to host these websites, as they are self hosted on fast Servers. 

Here are the Benefits - 

Initial Websites:

50+ DFY Blogs in hottest niches

Super Smooth Drag and Drop Page Editor

Over 50+ Templates to choose from

Pre-loaded with High Converting Content

Completely Cloud Hosted

Custom Domain Mapping

Simple yet Powerful Dashbaord

A-Z Video Tutorials 

Complete Adsense Training

Lifetime Access to Fasteye Pages

Lifetime Access to ViddyGenie

Commercial License


Use Coupon : 120adsense or DFYEARLY
Valid only for First 3 Hours

Pro Websites (Recommended):

100 DFY Pro user only stunning websites

1000+ Pre written articles in multiple niches

Responsive website builder for advanced customization

SSL certificate

Live chat and ticketing system

Fully SEO optimized sites

Lead capturing and nurturing system

Email newsletter system

Contact us pages and forms

50 more fasteye templates

Team management feature

Custom domain feature

Viddygenie commercial license

Unlimited video creations

And a lot more...

Template Club (Best for Long term gain from AdSense Websites
as you will get fresh Niche every month)

Agency License

10 Templates per month

5000+ royalty free stock images 

25+ powerpoint templates

What about Traffic ?

Once You get above Automated AdSense Blogs, You will get Access to AdSense Special Training that teach you about how to Start your AdSense Game with our secret Traffic Sources. You are just few clicks away from

100 AdSense ready websites + Unlimited traffic = Profit

get it Now before it will be closed forever =>


Use Coupon : 120adsense or DFYEARLY
Valid only for First 3 Hours

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3 New Apps in Premium

Link at JVZoo is not working yet
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what if different site owners use the same articles?
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Nice tips.
If we take the 50 niche blogs. Do we need to order 50 domain names?
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AdSense Academy
Inviko wrote:
Nice tips.
If we take the 50 niche blogs. Do we need to order 50 domain names?

Apparently Yes! because you are going to create 50 websites. 
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AdSense Academy
Bayaniv wrote:
what if different site owners use the same articles?

Use Article Spinner plugin to do the magic. 
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AdSense Academy
canglobe wrote:
Link at JVZoo is not working yet

Its working 
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I'm not sure if anybody else is having issue with their support but i am!
I have submitted a few and no reply or any help with my questions.
I know this is not the place to say but I want others to know this.
This is very annoying as i cant move forward until I get answers.
It really sucks to be stuck and no support. I wish people would really stand behind their
product and support it instead of taking people's money. Where the hell is the honest
people, the people that truly want to help others succeed. People that want to see them succeed!
People that have a desire to help people make money online and live the dream of leaving their day job.

I have only found a couple and they are rare breeds! 

So where is the DFY sites/blogs  with the preloaded articles?
If your telling me they are the templates inside that comes with images, how does that work?
all the images are the same just repeated through out all the templates.
The dfy articles are only of three niches, weightloss, finance, real estate.
there is one other but nothing inside the zip. (internet marketing) empty.
Whats up with our first site creation, as I see no training videos to really set it up in great detail.
Two of the videos inside are the same video explaining how to create your first and very little detail on how to edit.
Man I just hoped that something would actually work for me just for once in my life.

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so these niche sites are all set up already
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is that real ??!!!!!!!!!
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