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When you start for AdSense, the first question everybody face is - 

How I can get an Approved AdSense Account? 

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Because once you jumped in for AdSense to start making money or you get a method that will teach or make you an AdSense website, you forget to see that these methods / tools work on already approved AdSense account and they are about how to make money with AdSense but not about how to get approval from AdSense. It is like asking for money in bank account without opening it.

If you got banned in past from AdSense, you can read this guide about How to recover a banned AdSense Account or create a new from Scratch here 

Before going further about this topic, you have to understand that you have to create a website that provides value to Readers and they should get benefitted. It is obvious if you have a website that provides value to readers, you will get traffic.

A few years ago I was in your shoes and was looking to make money with AdSense without understanding its true purpose. So I searched the highest CPC keywords thinking that as if I create a website that will have best CPC, I will earn more and more. 

So I got a keyword -  Mesothelioma
Having CPC of $100+, I was amazed and dreaming that if I could get 5 clicks, I will earn $500+ a day easily and $15k monthly, wow! 
Crap, I created a website based on that keyword and nothing happened! 

No Traffic 🙁 Why?

Because there were too much competition for this keyword and a lot of big Authority websites were there to suck the traffic.

After that, I tried many Niches with the same dream and same failure until I understood the true meaning of creating a website that really helps the audience, sorry - right audience.

So before starting a website, look for 
1) what problem it can solve 
2) what is the competition level to get traffic.

Because you are going to create an asset that will work for you not a garbage box that no one love to read.
Let's us talk about Creating a Fresh Account with AdSense -

1. AdSense complied website - 
To create an AdSense complied website you will need - 

a) Domain -
Before buying the domain check if it is Banned by AdSense or Facebook previously or not. A lot of publishers drop their Domain if they get banned and New peeps pick them and try to create a similar website without knowing this fact.

You can use these tools -
Or just Google it 

For Facebook -

Put the domain in Box and check if it is allowed to share posts or not. 

You can use this tool also

b) Enough content -
Create good and unique posts at your website, it should not be copied from somewhere exactly. If you plan to copy just rewrite that manually or using a text spinner. Check it with plagiarism check tool for uniqueness.
Initially, you should have 10-20 posts having 300-3000 words to get approval, later you can post as you wish.
Post on daily basis but not at once. You can use this tool to generate automated content for AdSense websites.

Shortcut -
Buy an AdSense complied website from Fiverr or Flippa with a condition from the seller that you will pay only if the website gets approved from AdSense. Do not buy and later ask the seller that it's not got approved because its not his fault as you had not asked before.

c)  Provide 5 Essentials Pages/ Properties

Your website should have - 
About Us Page 
  • Privacy Policy ( AdSense complied )
  • Contact us Form 
  • Terms of Service 
  • GDPR compliance ( if you serving in EU ) 

If you plan to create a WordPress website, there are plenty of plugins that create these Pages and Terms. If not, just search them on Google and copy and Paste - change according to your website.

2. Traffic - 
Before applying for AdSense, your website should have enough traffic so that AdSense can test the performance of keywords with Traffic.
If you are going to use Viral AdSense Method, you will start getting traffic as this method covers this part or you can use social sharing, Facebook traffic to get it done.
There are other different methods to generate Traffic for your Blog/website in an easy way that I will share soon.

Applying for AdSense-
Once you are ready with a Fully complied website and enough traffic, head over to the Google AdSense website and fill the required information. Copy the code provided by AdSense and paste at your website.
Wait for a few days and you will receive an email about Activation of AdSense.
In case if your website doesn't get approved, they will mention the reason for it.
You can post that below and We will look into the issue to help you to resolve it.
Hope this will help you to start with AdSense easily. 

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Hi Sir. 
Just want to say a big Thank You!! for sharing your knowledge about Adsense.
I'm applying right now your Adsense method, and I hope to get approved in about 20 days, considering that I'll be posting every day. 
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Michael Haslauer 
Thank you for sharing. Great information.
Thank you..
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is this still the way to go or has something changed meantime?
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AdSense Academy

Yes, this is still Valid. 
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AdSense Academy
This method works inline with the AdSense ecosystem and valid. 
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