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Today we will Learn that How to Copy and Populate Unique Articles from any website to our AdSense website in Just 5 Minutes. If you are having a AdSense Blog and Looking for more and more content or If You are using Following Software- 

1. News Builder 
2. News Maker Pro 
3. Contenu 
4. DFY Blogs or any other Software which required Articles. 

This is most important post for you. 

Step 1  Install a chrome extension 

You need to Install this extension on Your Browser

Step 2  Google Niche Article

Go to Google and Type your niche Keyword. For most accurate results type Niche+Blog 
You will lots of blog being appear on Google. Now just simply visit any website that have content. 


Now Click on Similar web Data extension  to See if website is getting Traffic or not


This is clear that website and its posts are very popular and if you have similar post, you will have good engagement of visitors. Simply Copy that Article.

Step 3 Make it Unique 

Now you have not to hire writers to write Article to get this type of fresh content. You can use WP Auto Re-writer plugin that work in many Languages. This plugin is really simple to use. Just Add to Your AdSense website and Turn on Its features, It will rewrite all your posts Automatically and you can check them with Copy Scape. 

With this Plugin you can Copy and Paste Article from any website and it will rewrite that Article at the time or adding it to the website. 

This is really a game changer for AdSense Bloggers and you just need a simple plugin to do this. 

45% of AdSense website Get Banned due to duplicate Content and Mostly Site also get penalized by Google for Ranking due to duplicate Content.  

Let us Look at its All Features and How it works 

                                Get Full Details of this Plugin Here>>

I am very excited to share this amazing plugin that cut my AdSense website's work by almost 80% because there is not Need to write Articles again and not need to Hire the Content Writer.

Now Let us move to Next part, I am going to share with you 1500 Articles on Different Niche/ Topics that are getting Very High Traffic to our websites. You Just Need to Simply Copy them and put on Your website and This plugin will Automatically rewrite them to make them Unique for your website. This will Help you to get more traffic , Fast AdSense Approval and More Money from AdSense. 

What you will Get Today?
[+] 1500 Articles to make them Unique
[+] 1700 Niche Market Cheet Sheet that we are using for creating Best AdSense websites.

What You have to Do? 
Just Put Your AdSense Code and Start Earning Real Passive income. 


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