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CPA marketing is arguably the easiest and fastest way to earn online. This has been evolving through the years and gaining more popularity day by day. What made CPA money making so attractive is that it requires very little investment to start the business. Here in this article, we will talk about what is CPA marketing and how you can benefit from this avenue.

CPA Marketing: Definition

CPA or cost-per-action marketing, alternatively known as pay-per-action (PPA) marketing and cost-per-conversion (CPC) marketing, is an online advertising model where advertisers pay for one or more specified action(s). These actions may include impression, click, form submit, double opt-in, and sale. There are basically two types of CPA – traditional offers and incentive offers. Traditional offers disallow incentive disbursements while incentive offers allow advertisers to provide incentive in forms like money, virtual currencies, files, content/articles, or any other thing that may attract people to complete the offers.

Why CPA marketing is a good choice for you?

There are two basic reasons why CPA is better than most other affiliate programs. One is that it puts you on a higher place on the value chain. As a marketer, your main target is to maximize your income. This can be ensured when you be at the top spot. The other reason is that you don’t need to disfigure your site with ugly AdSense block or banners. Integrating CPA offers to your site is seamless and your site remains like a legit branded site.

What do you need to do CPA marketing?

#1 Select your niche

Choosing a comfortable niche is the first and foremost thing you need to do. You should select a niche that will be easy for you to follow. Don’t jump around niches as it will get you to nowhere. Be very specific about your niche before moving on to the next stages. You can take help from affplus, odigger, or offervault for niche rsearch.

#2 Sign up with a CPA network

Next, you need to sign up with a CPA network that will allow you maximum incentive with great versatility. While researching for the best network for yourself, keep a close eye on the rating distribution system. Here’s a list of some pretty solid CPA networks-

  1. Maxbounty
  2. Clickbooth
  3. Peerfly
  4. Admitad
  5. Neverblue
  6. W4
  7. CPAgrip
  8. CPAlead
  9. CPAway
  10. Matomy

#3 Get accepted

Once you sign up for a network, you are required to get accepted before you can do anything else. Provide all the necessary information in your application. Remember, never be dishonest with anything with them. After a manual review, they will accept your application if they are satisfied. You will receive an affiliate link as soon as you get accepted.

#4 Affiliate manager

When you join a CPA network, they will assign an affiliate manager to you. That person will be your companion in your CPA money making journey.

#5 Selecting an offer

After joining, you should select the offer you are going to promote. You can take help from your manager in this regard. Once that’s selected, launch your first campaign.

#6 Traffic generation

Once your campaign is launched, you now want to generate traffic for that offer. This can be done in various ways such as banner, email, social media, search, etc.

#7 Tracking campaigns

Tracking your campaigns is the most vital part of your performance. Without tracking, you won’t know what’s working and what’s not. Use tools like Google Analytics or CPVLab to analyze your campaigns and make necessary adjustments if needed.

CPA money-making is really easy if you are doing it the right way. So don’t rush in. Rather take some time to fix things and then start your business. Good luck!

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