What is the purpose of this site? 
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AdSense Academy
Anirudh Baavra had generated near to half Million Dollars from simple AdSense Methods and making more day by day. He started with just $1 in revenue and it Leads to this remarkable Journey. He had tested many methods, failed but never stopped to achieve his goal to make AdSense a successful business.

AdSense is awesome and it gives you truly Passive income without doing much work. Irrespective of other Sources of Passive income like Affiliate Marketing, MLM, etc.. AdSense is truly a method that makes money while you sleep in a Legit way. 

AdSense is about asset creation that works for Your lifetime just by creating it once.

In the past, We had Launched Products related to AdSense like AdSense Machine, Admob Machine and many Private Offers based on Different methods.

What we found that most of the customers are lacking basic information and need to be keep updated with Latest Methods.

AdSense Academy's sole purpose is to provide various guides and solutions that can help to achieve your goal to have a sustainable AdSense business.

We share here tested Methods and Tips that work for us so that you can easily jump into our shoes and make the best out of it.
You can post your questions related to AdSense here and we will try to help as much as we can.
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