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I would Like to show You Something Amazing that Abhinav, a Developer and AdSense Blogger is doing repeatedly while making $2K per month from AdSense and Affiliate Income.
His method is Unique and Proven, You can see His Results From this Method Below- 


You can see that his Earning from AdSense is very consistent from Past many Months and So far he had earned pretty Good Amount with AdSense - 

He had made $41,000 using this Simple Technique.  Well If we look into Traffic on His websites, it is having consistent Flow.


Excited to Learn How He is doing this? 

He Also made $270+ from Affiliate Income by placing Different Affiliate Products 


What is the Basic of His Website?

Well, He Designed a Very Unique Method to Create Content on Fully Automation and Driving Traffic from Social Channels and Search Engine too. 

He had created a Software that Fetches Latest News from the Internet that is getting Viral (Real News)
then His Software Pipelines this News to His Automated Websites as a Fully Grown Article. 

That means, He is not creating the Content on Own and they are being Passed on Copyscape Automatically. Top of that it is an Automated Content Curation Method that is getting Ranked on Google as News Breaks Out. 

His Many Sites are Ranking at the top, even above YouTube Videos! 

Are You excited about Method? 

How these websites are getting So Much Traffic?

Well, If you look at the Structure of Google Search, it comprises 3 Results Nowadays about a News- 

Prioirty1: News about that Topic  (Ranking Prefer to be from News websites)

Prioirty2:  Videos related to the Topic (Top Viewed YouTube Videos)

Priority 3: Authority websites  (Authority website with High PA and DA with lots of Backlinks)

Obviously, for Priority 2 and 3, it requires lot of effort. 

But for News websites, if You hit the right News at Right Time, it will get traffic and Huge Traffic! 

Imagine if you could do this in Automated Way and Your News Website works Automatically with Hot News, Pulls Unlimited Traffic. 

Doing this, He is using a Unique Software. its called SociFlux. 

You can see all the Features of SociFlux Below (Click to Watch)-


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Limited Special Bonus# VidBlooks: One-Click eBook & Video eBook Creation Software


Launching on 11th January ‘20, we are giving 10 Copies of Beta Version as a Bonus to the Buyers of SociFlux  VidBloks is an amazing Software Which Creates Amazing and Beautiful eBooks By Just entering a KeyWord. Not only that, it converts these eBooks into Videos. 

Loaded with a Special Feature that requires an email address to Unlock these eBooks will generate Massive Leads to your Campaigns. 

 (Only 10 Copies Available on First Come First Serve Basis)


VIP Bonus#1 Done For You Marketing Sales Funnels - Send Traffic to Them & Make Money Instantly


 To help you start profiting from these traffic tools immediately, I am including 5 brand new product funnels you can drive traffic to and bank from, starting today!

These funnels cover the following:

  • Instagram Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing 
  • Membership portal
  • list building
  • Pinterest Marketing

NOTE: They come with their squeeze pages, lead magnet, and main offer + thank you page. You can sell these funnels at your own price and keep all the profit 100%.

VIP Bonus #2 Commercial License + Pro Upgrade to FX Funnel (Worth $97)



App details: 

FX Funnel is a new breakthrough Funnel + Membership Page Builder that helps you remove the guesswork from your funnel building process by auto simulating & predicting how much profit a funnel can make before you create a funnel or spend a dime sending traffic to it.

Plus with our inbuilt unique URL membership page protection technology, none of your subscribers can share Login details to your membership page with anyone else. This is because the moment a user opens up the member area on their device it locks onto it and cannot be opened elsewhere unless they seek permission from you.

In Fact, FXFunnel is a revolutionary new cloud-based software that changes everything because it finally makes it easy for anyone, even a total newbie to create a membership site, sales funnel, and securely deliver products that someone has purchased…

...without needing any special technical skills or online experience.

FXFunnel is the world's Smartest High-Performance Funnel + Membership Builder that lets you sell your physical or digital products, collect payments, charge subscriptions fees and generate endless streams of auto-pilot profits month after month from one single dashboard.

VIP Bonus #3 Reseller License to Snapishop (Worth $147)



App Details:

Snapishop is the World’s First and Only Smart Cloud-Based Affiliate Store Builder…

In just a few clicks, Snapishop builds fully optimized and monetized money-making stores with all the bells and whistles needed to bank big passive commissions.

Move 100 times faster with Snapishop and easily earn massive commissions through multiple platforms such as Aliexpress, Amazon, Bestbuy or eBay…


VIP Bonus #4 Email Traffic Booster (Convert Your Copied Contents Into Traffic) 


According to a Business Insider article 82% of shared content is happening via e-mail via copy and paste. In other words: 82% of the people that is reading your email content will probably never visit your website! Email Traffic Booster solves this problem.  Insert a link to your page whenever a user copy-pastes content from your website!

Customize the inserted text:

  1. Insert a Facebook share URL for sharing your page on Facebook!
  2. Insert a Twitter share URL for tweeting your page!
  3. Using the included editor you can insert any other text or link, such as your Facebook Page or Twitter account!

This text: 

Wikipedia is a multilingual, web-based, free-content encyclopedia project operated by the Wikimedia Foundation and based on an openly editable model. 

Will become this:

Wikipedia is a multilingual, web-based, free-content encyclopedia project operated by the Wikimedia Foundation and based on an openly editable model. Read more at 

 Works with any website or platform including:

  • Wordpress
  • Tumblr
  • Blogger
  • Joomla

Setup the plugin in 5 minutes and start getting more traffic to your website!



VIP Bonus #5 Comment Traffic Generator 



Earn More Income, More Subscribers & Establish Healthy Relationship With Your Daily Blog Readers By Using Your WordPress Comment Box

Introducing a WordPress plugin “Comment Traffic Generator“

“Comment Traffic Generator” is an advanced concept but simple and easy to use WordPress plugin capable of boosting your sales, traffic, subscribers list and do much more by sending a thank you message to your first blog commentators.

What “Comment Traffic Generator” Can Do For You?

  • You can Introduce your readers to your evergreen content easily.
  • You can add your affiliate link or Products Review link on “Thank You Email” for a better conversion rate.
  • You can convert your blog commentators into subscribers.
  • You can send a decent welcome message to give your reader a clear idea about your blog.

VIP Bonus #6 Vid Survey (get reviews to products/services via video survey/review)




This is a mobile-based application for gathering information about products that are launched in the market. The gathered information can be used for business and research purposes.

Respondents can answer the questionnaire according to their own pace and preferences. The questionnaire will be answered through video and uploaded to a server.

Points will be generated for the complete review’s and updated in their profile.

Vid Survey is a sophisticated tool that provides the enriched solution to get reviews to products/services via video survey/review. Using Vid survey, you can give 24/7 support to your customer without any difficulties. This is a process of gathering information and analyzing the results from the audience over the network.

Vid Survey will allow you to easily create your survey questions using a Web App. Users can start earning rewards by completing an online surveys anytime and anywhere via mobile.


VIP Bonus #7 Vidbuilder (Video Sales Page Funnel Builder) 




This is a WP page builder plugin to create video sales pages. Build a responsive video sales page and manage your content easily with intuitive Builder editor. No programming knowledge required – Create video sales pages for your products that load 85% faster than traditional wordpress pages. It is compatible with any active WordPress Theme. It supports Youtube, Vimeo and MP4 Videos.



VIP Bonus #8 ShareBlast (Blast Your Marketing Message Across Multiple Social Sites in 1-Click for Maximum Exposure & Traffic)


This is a revolutionary social share plugin for WordPress. It’s a complete elegant experience of a social media WordPress plugin that helps you to increase shares and traffic and grow your sales in an extreme way. Share Blair supports +42 of the major social networks including the mobile applications nowadays heavy usage like Whatsapp, Facebook Messanger, Telegram, Skype, Line, Viber and more 

VIP Bonus #9 VeedHack


With this you can legally hack and download your favorite videos from Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube without the need to use an API from these sites and use those videos on Veedhack to drive an unlimited number of traffic back to your links. It also has a search engine that can search YouTube videos with a function similar to that used by Google to look for data from the network known as spider what this system does is search the entire site and extract the data that you want.

VIP Bonus #10 WP Progressive Web Apps


WP Progressive Web Apps use modern web capabilities to deliver fast, native-app experiences with no app stores or downloads, and all the goodness of the web.


VIP Bonus #11 Instagram Feeder (Create charming Galleries of Instagram Images)


Instafeeder is a premium WordPress Instagram feed for creating charming galleries of Instagram images. Take the advantage of an all-new multipurpose responsive Instagram feed for displaying various photos from Instagram with great number of possibilities to determine necessary resources and to set up additional filters.


VIP Bonus #12 Coupon Wheel (Use spinning Fortune Wheel for more engagement, leads & sales)


Engage your customers by giving them a chance to win a coupon by spinning a fortune wheel. Automatically issue UNIQUE WooCommerce coupon codes, display coupons immediately or send them by mail, display coupon URGENCY timer countdown for more engagement.


VIP Bonus #13 Interactive Image Builder (Tag Images on Web Content)


This is a WordPress plugin that lets you tag your images with any web content, so making them more interactive. Using this plugin, you can take any image and tag it with practically any web hosted content, such as hyperlinks to web pages, albums hosted on photo services, videos (Youtube, vimeo etc) and countless other things

VIP Bonus #14 Traffic Hover (Monetize Any Image Shared on Social Media)

This combines all of the web’s most popular social services into one easy to use software plugin. Traffic Hover allows you to quickly and easily add hover-over social buttons to your images on-the-fly making them instantly “shareable” on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Even better, the hover effects are silky smooth, cross browser, and come with multiple overlay images! More Shares = More Traffic = More $$$$


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