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According to Ernie Smith “PDF Is Secretly the World's Most Important File Format”. Every month millions of people all over the world google for pdf documents.

And if you could transform the PDF into an interactive flipbook full of smart features it can be 10x appealing.

You just need 10-20 minutes, a software (costing $17), and our secret method to blast Tons of Traffic without doing anything. 

Yes! In 2020 flipping books is a great source of traffic and one of the best ways to earn money. But the problem is services like fliphtml5 and flipping books are not cheap. They charge hefty monthly recurring fees to use their platforms.


But today we’re revealing you a 100% working secret method that is getting tons of traffic, subscribers, and making money from affiliate programs directly from the PDFs. This method is simple but very powerful. You have to just work 10-20 minutes to get lots of Free Traffic using this method. It is highly recommended that you follow all the Steps.  


You just need a powerful pdf that will work like a cash magnet having inbuilt popups. (We will provide you a method and 50 PDF to start with once you complete all the steps).

That means your offer is on the reader's device but not in the browser that they can close anytime.

Yes! PDFs have popup also and we are going to reveal how you can make this instantly. 

Let’s see how we can bring unlimited traffic, leads and make money by pdf popups -


Step 1- Get a PDF that has a good method or something interesting that everyone enjoys to read. It depends that which niche you want to target like MMO, Health or anything so you just need a pdf with content for that. (If you complete All steps, we will provide you 50+ PDFs)


Step 2- Get this software(Costing $17). Integrate your autoresponder in one click. Then use the software to turn the pdf into the link machine. You can also add website links etc.. using this software. see how it works here- 



How does it work?

This software drives traffic through done for you traffic sucking machines, built-in SEO and social sharing. Just share with the world using one push of a button...


When somebody wants to open that awesome pdf flipbook, he will see a pop-up optin form or the offer you want to promote and ended up signing up using a name and email address and immediately gets a message with a referral link that “If he refers it to three more people then he will get an awesome a bigger gift or reward!”


Then he copies the link and share with three more people and refer three more people to your mailing list!


So, basically every visitors bring in new visitors with referral for a better gift, and when they do everybody joins the mailing list and this cycle continues…


This is how it will get you LEADS, SALES, and all of the TRAFFIC that you need for your online business!


** No need hosting server

** No need own domain

** No need experience

** No need technical knowledge


Super awesome! Right?

get this here at low price


Step 3: Now, let’s make this system more powerful using these techniques so that it can make you 6 figures. We will learn how we can share these PDFs to high traffic websites by just spending $0.05 per share. You do not have to work hard, just pick the pdf, add you link using the software, and let it get distributed to 100+ pdf websites within a day automatically. 

We are going to share Step 3 with serious people only. So once you complete Step 1 and Step 2, you will get access to Step 3: How to Automatically Share PDFs with 100+ websites. 

So Today you are going to get - 

1. 50+ PDFs on different Niches to share 
2. A Secret Golden method about how to share these PDFs to the high traffic websites automatically. 


STEP 1 and STEP 2 and you will get access to Step 3 The Golden method of PDF Traffic Automatically. 

 Also, you will get Following Special Bonus to Make your work easy- 

Bonus #1.

You need quality PDFs to use and turn into link magnet. W’ll provide you the secret sources of getting hundreds of quality PDF for free.


Bonus #2.

If you want to create custom PDFs here is the most complete step by step guide on how to make a winning PDF from the scratch.


Bonus #3.

The software will bring you boatloads of subscribers and you need to engage them.. We are giving you a step by step guide on how to Engage Your Email Subscribers from the Moment They Opt-In.

Hurry Up It is just available for only 100 people as we do not want to share this method with all. 













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