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If you already have a blog or planning to create one, AdSense is your ‘go to’ option for making some extra bucks out of it. You may have confusion in yourself if AdSense is still worth it, but trust us when we say, AdSense is still one of the most popular ways to make money online. Perhaps, it’s also the easiest if you do everything correctly. So what are the ways to maximize your AdSense revenue? That’s exactly what we will talk about here today. Let’s have a look.

  1. DO NOT violate any AdSense guideline

Google takes their guidelines pretty seriously. Violation of any one of them will result in a penalty. So be extra careful and avoid things like – 

  1. Clicking on your own ads
  2. Buying clicks or traffic
  3. Making the ads look like something else (deceptive ads)
  4. Showing ads with no content
  5. Adding the ads on Google prohibited sites like adult, alcohol, or gambling

Before using AdSense, read the full guidelines thoroughly.

  1. Responsive AdSense units

Your site’s responsiveness and responsive AdSense units will perform far better than non-responsive sites. If you incorporate these units, AdSense will show the most appropriate ad depending on the available ad space.

  1. Put your ads in front of users’ eyes

Position of your ads are very important. If users can’t see the ads easily, they won’t click on it. So place your ads above the fold or at the bottom of the main content of the page rather than sidebars.

  1. More content

Writing and publishing content more often is always better to drive more traffic to your website. And more traffic will eventually result in more ad clicks and more revenue. Wondering how often should you publish and how long should your articles be? The performance report data revealed that 10 websites with the highest revenue growth published an average of 87 blogs in a year. And an Ezoic survey on content length found that the highest-earning content length is 750-1000.

  1. Use standard ad sizes

When you set up your ads, always use the sizes recommended by AdSense as they are proven to be more popular. Usually they are 728X90, 336X280, 300X600, and 300X250. And make sure ads are set to show both text and images.

  1. Make website load faster

Faster websites lead to more ad clicks and it’s proven. Because visitors feel more comfortable navigating through your site. So optimize your site for speed. Do not use too many graphics and remove any image that’s unnecessary because it slows down your site.

  1. Don’t use other ad networks

If you are using AdSense, do not use other ad networks at the same time. If you stick to using just one ad network, your site will load faster and give more visibility to the AdSense ads.

  1. Try promoting your content and site

For maintaining the revenue stream, promoting your content and site is advised. The promotions can be done on different social media platforms and forums. But don’t forget to follow Google webmaster guidelines and AdSense policies while promoting your site.

  1. Revenue stream diversification

Diversifying your revenue streams is a good way of making more money from AdSense. Some ways of diversification include product sales, sponsored or branded content, direct deals, etc.

  1. Don’t make website only for AdSense

AdSense is supposed to increase your site’s UX but it shouldn’t be the only reason for your site’s existence. So make a website that delivers value to its visitors and use AdSense to monetize it.

If you have any question or confusion about maximizing your AdSense revenue, don’t hesitate to contact us via comments or email and we’ll get back to you in the shortest possible time.

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